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    Autel is proud to offer free shipping on all orders in the US and Canada. For remote areas, specific shipping methods and fees will be displayed during checkout.

    3 Years Warranty

    We offer 3 years limited warranty for our products.

    30-Day Easy Return

    We offer a 30-Day Hassle-Free Return, please refer to our refund policy or reach out to us ( for more detail.


    Yes, rebates are available. To find out exact government incentives in your area, please visit our incentives page.

    Yes, our commercial EV chargers, like the Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite Business, are compatible with all-electric vehicles. This includes both fully electric and plug-in hybrid models, ensuring that they can serve a wide range of vehicles at commercial venues and public charging stations.

    The estimated delivery time for orders in the US and Canada is between 3 to 8 days. Please be aware that delivery times may vary depending on your specific location and chosen shipping method.

    No, the Charger app is available for free. It can be downloaded from the Apple Store for iOS users and from Google Play for Android users. Simply search for "Charger" in the respective app stores and follow the instructions to download and install the app on your device.

    Our AC commercial EV chargers are rigorously tested and certified to meet critical safety standards. They are CSA certified, which is equivalent to UL standards, ensuring a high level of safety and reliability. Additionally, they meet the NEMA 4X standard for robust environmental protection, which guarantees their durability against harsh weather conditions and environmental hazards. This comprehensive adherence to recognized safety standards helps ensure that our commercial EV chargers deliver not only performance but also maximum safety in commercial settings.

    Yes, our AC EV chargers come equipped with smart charging features. Also, our app allows users to control and manage the charging process, including adjusting the amp settings. Additionally, our AC charger is built with ALM (Adaptive Load Management) for efficient load distribution, optimizing charging based on real-time conditions. This ensures a smarter and more adaptive charging experience for users.

    Yes, you absolutely can. We offer a detailed video guide to assist you with the installation process.Ensure you are able to install your charger safely and efficiently. These guides are designed to help both novice and experienced users install the equipment correctly, improving the usability and convenience of our commercial electric vehicle chargers in a variety of commercial environments.

    The charging speed of our 50A EV charger is 12kW at 240V, and the 40A EV charger delivers 9.6kW at the same voltage. Keep in mind that the actual charging speed depends on your vehicle's onboard charging capacity. For example, a 7 kW Level 2 charger can typically add about 25 to 30 miles of range per hour. These specifications ensure that our chargers can effectively meet the needs of various electric vehicles without the need for a specialized commercial EV charging station.

    The MaxiCharger AC Elite Business stands out due to its robust design, advanced connectivity features, and flexible installation options, making it ideal for businesses looking to expand their EV infrastructure. For more options, check out our AC Lite collection.