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General FAQs

Yes, you absolutely can. We offer a detailed video guide to assist you with the installation process.

Yes, rebates are available. To find out exact government incentives in your area, please visit our incentives page.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact our customer support with your order number and photos of the damaged item, and we'll assist you in resolving the issue.

Visit our Returns page for detailed instructions on how to return an item and ensure you get in touch with us for further assistance before initiating the return process for any products.

Product Performance

Yes, it is normal. There are a few factors to consider in this situation. Firstly, please verify if the supplied voltage is lower than 240V, as this can affect the charging efficiency. Additionally, the maximum current setting of 40A represents the maximum current that the charger can provide. However, the actual charging current may be lower due to the following reasons:

  • Vehicle's maximum accepted current: Some electric vehicles have a maximum accepted current of only 16A. If you have set the charger to 40A, the actual charging current will be limited to the vehicle's maximum accepted current, which could be 16A in this case.
  • Decreased current as the battery approaches full capacity: As the battery reaches a higher state of charge, factors such as heat generation and charging efficiency may cause the charging current to decrease gradually. This is a common behavior to protect the battery and ensure safe charging.

After the charging is completed or reaches the set limit in the vehicle, the app will display "Charging Paused" and the timer will continue running. It will only display "Charging Completed" after a 30-minute delay.

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MaxiCharger AC Elite

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Autel Charge App

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Operation Instruction

You need to remove the adapter before inserting it into the holster.

Yes, we have a partnership with Qmerit, which is responsible for the installation of chargers across the United States.
To get assistance for installation, please contact:
Assessment Support Team: +1 (888) 272-0090

Our charger offers both options for power connection. However, please ensure that the socket you use is in compliance with the specifications of the charger.

No, there will be no problem with installing the charger on an existing GFCI breaker. In fact, having a GFCI breaker is advantageous and recommended for electrical safety.

A GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) breaker is designed to protect against ground faults, which occur when there is an unintended electrical path to the ground. By having a GFCI breaker, you enhance the safety of the electrical circuit by providing an added layer of protection against electric shocks and ground faults.

To display the price for energy consumption in the application, you need to follow the "Me-Charger-Set price" process within the app. This process allows you to set the price per unit of energy for accurate cost calculation.

Video Guides

MaxiCharger AC Elite/Lite

Hardwire Installation

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App Related

No, the Charger app is available for free. It can be downloaded from the Apple Store for iOS users and from Google Play for Android users. Simply search for "Charger" in the respective app stores and follow the instructions to download and install the app on your device.

Yes, the Autel Charger App is designed to support the management of multiple chargers simultaneously. Whether you have two chargers or more, the app allows you to conveniently monitor and control each device from a single interface.

To add a card or set up NFC functionality within the app, please follow these steps:
(1) Open the app and navigate to the "Me" section.
(2) Select "Charger" from the menu options.
(3) Choose "Charge via Card" from the available options.
(4) Tap on "Add" to begin the card setup process.
(5) Select "Add Card via Charger" to initiate the NFC configuration.
Ensure that the device's NFC capability is enabled and properly positioned for successful communication with the charger's reader.
Once the connection is established, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that the card has been successfully added.

If you are unable to view your charging history or connect to WiFi, please first check your network connection. It's important to ensure that your charger is connected to the Internet in order to access and view your charging history. Please note that the charger does not support WiFi connections with special characters in the network name (SSID). If you still have questions, please contact us!

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