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50A EV Charger

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  • Works With All EVs.
  • 50A, 12kW
  • Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / Ethernet
  • App Control & Management
  • Extended 25ft Cable
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FAQ & Tech Spec

  • Model Number: MAXI US AC LW12KW
  • Interface Standard: SAE J1772
  • Dimensions (H*W*D): 336*187*85 mm
  • Weight: 8.5kg (18.74 lb)
  • Input cord: Hardwired, threads are not included
  • Warranty: 3 years warranty

  • Connector type: SAE J1772, 7.5m (25')
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, CAN, RS485
  • User authentication: APP, AutoStart, RFID card, NFC
  • Protocol: OCPP1.6J
  • Advanced Feature: Adaptive Load Management (ALM)

  • Output Current: AC
  • Output Power: 11kW
  • Input Voltage: 240
  • Input power: 12kW (240V AC*50A)
  • Output power: 6A to 50A
  • Enclosure Rating: IP65

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Yes, our Autel Maxicharger works with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, making it a versatile accessory for a variety of models.

Yes, our charger can be installed and utilized without requiring an Internet connection. However, please be aware that while the charger itself operates independently of the Internet, certain app notifications and charging history may be impacted if the charger is offline.

If you are unable to view your charging history, please first check your network connection. It's important to ensure that your charger is connected to the Internet in order to access and view charging history. Please note that the charger does not support WiFi connections with special characters in the network name (SSID).

Our EV charger does not include RFID cards in the shipping package. If you require RFID cards for specific functionalities or access control, you can purchase them separately. Thank you!

A 50 amp EV charger, delivering a charging speed of around 32 miles per hour (mph), offers a significantly quicker charging solution compared to standard residential chargers.

However, it has some different depending on the vehicle's acceptance rate and battery capacity.

For example, it might provide approximately 25 to 30 miles of range per hour of charging for many vehicles, but for another car, it will provide 30+ miles.

To install this charger, please refer to the provided video for detailed instructions: Installation Video.

To adjust the maximum charge current, ensure your app is updated to its latest version and your mobile device has a stable internet connection. Connect the app to your EV charger through Bluetooth, and navigate to "Me" > "My Charger". Here, you'll find the option to adjust the "Max Charging Current" to your preferred level, such as 50A.

The required amperage for a home EV charger depends on your vehicle's charging capabilities and your charging needs. Commonly, home EV chargers are either 16 amps, 32 amps, or 40 amps.

A 16-amp charger is slower but can be sufficient for overnight charging or smaller EVs. A 32-amp or 40-amp charger offers a faster charging rate, suitable for EVs with larger batteries or for those needing quicker recharge times.

It's essential to ensure that your home electrical system can support the amperage of the charger you choose. Also, consider consulting with an electrician for proper installation and safety.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Excellent Purchase!! No Regrets

I am a new EV owner and was hesitant to buy a home charging system which wasn’t specifically designed by my car manufacturer. This charger is top notch and I believe it is not only practical, but it has also brought value to my home. When we happen to sell our house I know this will be a huge benefit for a new buyer.

Thank you for sharing your experience. We're thrilled to hear you find our EV charger to be top-notch and a beneficial addition to your home. We appreciate your feedback and are here if you need any further assistance. Enjoy your EV journey!

Autel Energy

Dale Cole
Outstanding Performance

Product arrived in very protective packaging, install was easy after electrician had added 50amp breaker and cable to the required garage location. Powered up instantly and took 5-7 mins to register and set up. Connected to my Audi e-ton and was pleasantly surprised to see 11.2kWH delivery rate to the car.
Mobile app interface is easy to use and very informative.
If you’re looking for a cost-effective solid and fast EV charger, look no further. Thank you Autel!

Thank you for the positive review! We're thrilled that the charger arrived safely and was easy to install. It's great to hear about the fast charging delivery rate and the user-friendly mobile app interface. We appreciate your recommendation!

Works as described for max 48Amps

I have been using this now for 5 months and it works as described. No issues yet. Delivers only 48 Amps with a 60 Amps breaker.
One suggestion for design improvement will be to reduce the heat created on the cable and plug during charging. It’s not a lot but any heat is a waste of energy and drops efficiency. Since all non-Tesla products (assumption) in the market produce some kind of heat vs Tesla chargers, I have given it a 5 star rating.

Hello, thanks for your feedback! While it's true that plug conversions may generate heat during charging, it's all part of our journey toward improvement. We're actively pursuing ways to reduce this heat generation and enhance efficiency. Moreover, fueled by the growing demand for Tesla NACS chargers, we are excited to share that we are launching our newest NACS EV chargers. Get ready to experience cutting-edge technology and seamless charging, scheduled for release between April and May this year. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development!

Easy install, working great

My electrician installed it in a little over an hour .50 AMP hard wired version . App easy to download and connect, love it that you can change the charging rate from 50 AMP to wherever you want to lower it , so it doesn’t charge too fast, better for the batteries.

Thomas Fosbenner
Works well. Worth the money

I purchased my first EV and needed a Level 2 charger. I paid an electrician to install this unit in my garage and I couldn’t be happier. The install was easy, setup was a breeze and it works flawlessly with my car. I can start, stop, view actual costs and more. I am extremely happy with this unit.

Would I buy this again? Yes

Thank you so much for your positive feedback and recommendation! Your support greatly encourages us, and we promise to continuously strive for excellence. Thanks again for choosing us!

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NEMA 14-50 or 6-50 plug


7/11/12kW 7/11/12kW 7/11/12kW
Seperate holster available Seperate holster NOT available Seperate holster available
Screen NOT available Screen NOT available Screen NOT available

13.2'' x 7.4'' x 3.3''

13.2'' x 7.4'' x 3.3''

13.2'' x 7.4'' x 3.3''




Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RS485, Ethernet

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RS485, Ethernet

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RS485, Ethernet

-40℃ to 55℃

-40°C to 55°C

-40°C to 55°C
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