Incentivos: Autel lo mantiene informado sobre los beneficios de las estaciones de carga de vehículos eléctricos


Descubra si es elegible para recibir beneficios locales, conozca los beneficios locales para los que puede ser elegible.
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An EV charger rebate is an incentive offered by various entities, such as utility companies, local government, or manufacturers, to offset the costs of purchasing and installing an electric vehicle charger.

Autel chargers are compliant with many local incentive programs, such as NY, NJ, CA in the United States, and QC in Canada, among others. We recommend double checking your local government or utility’s website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding eligible equipment and application procedures.

Typically, you will need to provide proof of purchase and installation of the Autel charger, as well as meet any local requirements. This might include being a resident of the geographical area or being a customer of a specific utility company. Guidelines can vary, so always check the specific application procedures of the rebate program.

While Autel provides chargers that are compliant with local incentive programs, the application process is typically handled by the customer. We are here to support you by providing any necessary product information or documentation that might be required for your application.

Yes, you may be eligible to apply for both an EV charger rebate and an EV tax rebate simultaneously. Usually, these are two separate programs offered by different entities.

Depending on the rebate program, it could cover a significant portion or even all of the costs. It is advisable to check the specific rebate amounts and conditions of the programs available to you.

Local incentive programs can change and new ones might be introduced. We recommend you keep an eye on your local government or utility provider's website for updates. Besides, even without local incentives, installing an EV charger is an investment in green & intelligent technology that can provide long-term savings and convenience!