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50A EV Charger

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  • Immersive LED Touch Screen for clarity & convenience.
  • Lightning-Fast 240V-50A Charging
  • Seamless connectivity with 4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet.
  • Limitless charging with 25ft extended cable, works with all EVs.

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Autel Charging Station Management System (CSMS)
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Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite Home 50A EV Charger
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All-in-1 EV Solution

Built for longevity with commercial-grade quality. Invest in ease and durability.
EV Charger with touch screen

Clear & Convenient

Effortless Navigation / Monitoring / Scheduling with LED Screen Designed for You, Your Family, or Your Customers.

commercial-grade EV Charger

Smart Charging

View History, Set Amps, and Shcedual with Ease via Our App. Customize Your Charging to Save More on Electric Bills.

50A 12kw EV Charger

Fast Charging

Up to 50A for 12kW Power, Rapid Charging Fills Up in Just a Few Hours. Adjust from 6-50A via the Autel App.

commercial level 2 charger

Energy Manageent

Efficient Energy Management with Power Sharing, Dynamic Load Balance, Solar Integration, and OCPP 1.6J Support.

NEMA 4X Charger

Reliable Durability

Built Tough with NEMA 4X Rating for Long-lasting Performance. With a 25ft J1772 Cable, Charge Your EV Conveniently.

Autel Charge Could (CSMS). *Subscription Required

Unlock Revenue Potential for Public Use

Flexible Set Pricing & Charging

Provide flexible payments and billing systems to enhance user convenience.

Enhanced Remote Management

Manage and monitor your EV charging stations in real-time from any location while optimizing power usage through innovative features.

Analytics and Role-Based Control

Leverage detailed analytics reports for decision-making regarding charging operations and ensure secure operations by defining access permissions based on user roles.

Proactive System Maintenance

Use the comprehensive dashboard for overall performance analysis, set custom alerts for early failure detection, and ensure system reliability by reducing charger downtime.

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User Manual - EN

  • Model Number: MAXI US AC 12KW 4G
  • Interface Standard: SAE J1772
  • Dimensions (H*W*D): 336*187*85 mm
  • Weight: 9kg (19.84 lb)
  • Screen: 5-inch Touch Screen
  • Input cord: Hardwire, threads are not included.
  • Warranty: 3 years warranty

  • Connector type: SAE J1772, 7.5m (25')
  • Connectivity: 4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, CAN, RS485
  • User authentication: APP, AutoStart, RFID card, NFC
  • Protocol: OCPP 1.6J
  • Advanced Feature: Adaptive Load Management (ALM), Dynamic Load Balance (DLB), Solar Charging

  • Output Current: AC
  • Output Power: 10kW
  • Input Voltage: 240
  • Input power: 12kW (240V AC*50A)
  • Output power: 6A to 50A
  • Enclosure Rating: IP65
  • Certification: Energy Star, CSA, CE, ROHS

Yes! This EV charger is eligible for most USA and CA government incentives. Check your local incentives program to know more!

For orders within the United States and Canada, you can generally expect your items to arrive in 3 to 8 days. Keep in mind, though, that the actual time it takes for delivery might change based on where exactly you are located and the shipping method you choose.

Certainly, you have the option to make this EV charger available to the public, charge users, and potentially achieve cost savings.

With the help of our Autel Charger Cloud system, you can easily enable this feature. Simply subscribe to our system, set your desired price and make it available to the public. Users can then scan the QR code on the touchscreen to download our app, link their credit card, and begin charging.

Yes, our home EV charging stations feature J1772 connectors and are designed to be widely compatible with a variety of electric vehicles. The J1772 connector is the industry standard, but it must be acknowledged that some electric vehicles may have different connector requirements. To ensure that our chargers work perfectly with your specific electric vehicle, we recommend that you consult your vehicle manual or technical specifications, specifically to confirm compatibility with the J1772 standard.

Yes, our home EV charging stations are equipped with advanced smart charging capabilities. Each AC charger includes an intuitive app that allows users to oversee and regulate the charging process, including the ability to adjust amp settings. Furthermore, our stations feature Adaptive Load Management (ALM), which optimally distributes power load based on current electrical conditions. This integration enhances charging efficiency, providing a smarter and more adaptive experience for users at home.

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13.2'' x 7.4'' x 3.3''

13.2'' x 7.4'' x 3.3''

13.2'' x 7.4'' x 3.3''




Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RS485, Ethernet

4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RS485, Ethernet

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RS485, Ethernet

-40°C to 55°C

-40°C to 55°C

-40℃ to 55℃

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