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50A EV Charger

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  • Works With All EVs
  • 240V-50A for Fast Charging
  • 4G/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/Ethernet/RS485
  • 5-Inch LED Touch Display
  • Flexible Pricing & Payment Methods
  • Extended 25ft J1772 Cable
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Pairs Well With

Autel Charging Station Management System (CSMS)
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All-in-One EV Solution

Featuring an intuitive LED screen, diverse payment methods, and easy management, all in a sleek, compact design. Works with all EVs.

Secure Link & Pay

Reliable Ethernet/Wi-Fi/4G connectivity for home or public use, supporting various payment methods.

Certified Safety

CSA certificated, featuring advanced safety, for your ultimate peace of mind.

Charge Faster

Up to 50A for 12kW power, charging 9X faster than traditional AC home chargers, can be adjusted through a hardware switch or Autel app.

Charge Smarter

Seamless control via Autel charge app/ Autel Cloud System. Stay updated in real-time notifications and detailed reports. Ideal for both home and commercial use.

Reliable Durability

CSA/NEC safety certified, NEMA 4X weather resistant. FCC 15 Class B EMC compliant. Premium 25-ft cable for top weather resistance.

Empower Your Business *Paid Plan

Autel Charging Station Management System (CSMS).

Enhanced Remote Management

Manage and monitor your EV charging stations in real-time from any location while optimizing power usage through innovative features.

Adaptive Charging and Pricing

Use Dynamic Load Balancing and Adaptive Load Management for efficient power distribution, and provide flexible payments and billing systems to enhance user convenience.

Analytics and Role-Based Control

Leverage detailed analytics reports for decision-making regarding charging operations and ensure secure operations by defining access permissions based on user roles.

Proactive System Maintenance

Use the comprehensive dashboard for overall performance analysis, set custom alerts for early failure detection, and ensure system reliability by reducing charger downtime.

In The Box

in the box (4G-Black)

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For orders within the United States and Canada, you can generally expect your items to arrive in 3 to 8 days. Keep in mind, though, that the actual time it takes for delivery might change based on where exactly you are located and the shipping method you choose.

Certainly, you have the option to make this EV charger available to the public, charge users, and potentially achieve cost savings.

Yes, Our chargers, equipped with the J1772 connector, are designed for broad compatibility with various electric vehicles. The J1772 connector is a standard in the industry, yet it's crucial to acknowledge that certain EVs may have different connector requirements. To ensure that our chargers work flawlessly with your specific electric vehicle, we recommend consulting the vehicle's manual or technical specifications, especially to confirm compatibility with the J1772 standard.

Yes, our AC EV chargers come equipped with smart charging features. Also, our app allows users to control and manage the charging process, including adjusting the amp settings. Additionally, the product is built with ALM (Adaptive Load Management) for efficient load distribution, optimizing charging based on real-time conditions. This ensures a smarter and more adaptive charging experience for users.

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13.2'' x 7.4'' x 3.3''

13.2'' x 7.4'' x 3.3''

13.2'' x 7.4'' x 3.3''




Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RS485, Ethernet

4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RS485, Ethernet

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RS485, Ethernet

-40°C to 55°C

-40°C to 55°C

-40℃ to 55℃

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